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Complex Care

Extensivist Doctor for Complex Medical Needs

Complex care refers to the management of care for patients with multiple, chronic and often interrelated health conditions that require coordination of care across multiple healthcare providers.

Dr. Pittman is an extensivist doctor who specializes in coordinating care for patients with complex medical conditions. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in providing complex care to patients as well as overseeing specialists and other providers involved in the care of patients with complex issues such as older adults with multiple health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and dementia, or patients with chronic illnesses such as cancer or autoimmune disease. These patients typically have a higher risk of poor health outcomes and require ongoing and comprehensive medical care to manage their conditions effectively.

Coordination of Care

Complex care for patients in Los Angeles is often provided by an interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers, and Dr. Pittman will act as the overseer of this team so that they can work together to provide coordinated and integrated care. The goal of complex care at Concierge Health LA is to improve health outcomes and provide a higher level of care for patients with complex medical needs.

Providing Personalized Health Care in Los Angeles

Our modern approach to complex care is comprehensive and tailored to each individual, and addresses all aspects of a patient's health, including physical, emotional, and social needs. We provide personalized, patient-centered care that is coordinated and integrated across multiple healthcare providers and settings, with the aim of improving the patient's quality of life.

Top Concierge Doctor in Los Angeles

Dr Pittman is a fantastic physician! He is caring, empathetic, and takes the time to understand every patient’s care needs. He is especially meticulous in understanding the overlays of multiple complex and chronic illnesses and how they may affect your overall quality of life.
Nisha V. | Google review
I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Pittman for the past 3 years as part of the UCLA Extensivist program, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is dedicated to his patients and has mastered his craft. He has a genuine and compassionate bedside manner that instantly puts patients at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking the very best care.
Jonathan B. | Google review
Wow! I couldn’t have found a better doctor! Dr. Pittman is not only extremely knowledgeable and passionate but is also very kind and thoughtful towards his patients. If you’re looking for top notch service look no further!
Dan K. | Google review
I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Pittman over the last year. He is kind, reliable, caring, honest and compassionate. He spends time with his patients and gets to know them, their history and goals.
Paige D. | Google review
Seriously impressive medical care and, what’s just as important, personal attention. Attention to detail, listening to me as a patient and excellent follow up. Dr. Pittman provides a great personalized doctor/ patient experience.
Tom R. | Google review

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